Friday, October 28, 2011

Weeds and Water

I appreciate the misunderstanding I have had with Nature over my perennial border.  I think it is a flower garden, she thinks it is a meadow lacking grass and tries to correct the error. Sara  Stein   

Spraying weed killer

As you can see we have weeds and grass.  Before you lay your flower garden away for the winter you need to kill or dig up the weeds and grass.  Some weeds and grasses are perennials, during the winter the roots just get stronger and ready to go come Spring.  Kill it now and be rid of it.

Thick folded newspaper

After you have killed the weeds then put two inches of compost, thick news paper and cover with pine straw.  I like pine straw for several reasons, cheaper ( I have pine trees plenty pine straw)  The chips change colors and just look like dead wood.  The first year I was here I bought pretty red chips, the next spring the leaves had covered it, when I raked the leaves I raked some of my pretty chips out along with them.  So there went my pretty chips and my money.

Pine straw over news paper

While we were working I spied a butterfly on the gold Lantana.  So, I had to stop and take a photo.

Highway to Heaven climbing Rose

We got a really good rain yesterday and last night, that is the best way to water your garden.  However this has been the driest year in my lifetime.  We use soaker hoses, place them behind you plant and no more than two feet apart.  Never spray any fertilizer on the leaves.  I never spray even water on my leaves, that is a good way to give them mildew and black spots.  If Carrel runs the lawn mower to close and throws dirt on my leaves, I wash them early in the morning.  The leaves need to be clean to make food for the flower.
We dug up,divided, and replanted several of our Day lilies this month.   I bought ten new ones from Grady' day lily farm, and my grandson Paxton gave me ten.  Breck's sent me fifty pink daffodils I ordered earlier this year,we planted those.  We also divided and replanted our Asiatic Lilies.  They had really multiplied.

My Lambs ear died this summer how ever the seed had made so I have them coming up all over the place.  I transplanted one I am going to give some to my neighbor.

This month if you are in zones 7-9 you can plant you pansies, we did.  I have never bought pansies but my daughter Charlotte brought me some one year up from Sheveport, when I lived in Ashdown Arkansas.  I was not home and some little boys poured some kind of oil on them.  I drove up just as they finished.  I took them home to Mama. 
I hope you have enjoyed  watching my garden grow and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita
Resting after all the work


  1. I planted some herbs in pots in my backyard today! I killed the ones I planted in the spring, but I'm optimistic for the next round. :)

  2. So pretty. Love the picture of Mr. Carrell. He's a real trooper!

  3. He deserves a rest after all that work!

    Love the butterfly photo :-)

    Take care and have a nice day :-)

    And thanks for your recent comment on My Blog