Saturday, October 8, 2011

Digging up Redoing in October

Do not look upon October as the death of your garden look upon it as a time of renewal for next year.
Carrel digging up replanting
Carrel and I met October 14, 2006, two week before I move in next door to him.  We grew to be friends over the next year, married December 2007.  Carrel is my partner, friend, lover and wonderful Husband.  October should be viewed as the month to renew you garden.  I renewed my life 2006 in October, I have and never will regret it. Transplant plants that are growing in the wrong place.   Make a list of new perennial plants you want, order or go to your nursery and buy.  If you have a plant in the wrong place dig it up and  plant where you want it.  Do not move roses now, move them after December.  We move ours in January or February, do not feed at this time.
Frank, Larry, Jordon, Carolyn. and Lauren
Happy Birthday to a very talented young man Jordon Murphy my Son's youngest.  Jordon is not a lazy young man.  I watched him load the bed of his Dad pickup truck with fire wood he cut. We have to have a little spending money.  Jordon loves to go camping up on the rivers of north Arkansas with his Dad.  This little family is one of the nicest I know.  Jordon is an Artist, he can draw just about any thing.  He is going to college in Monroe La.
Frank's Rose
I Hope you have enjoyed watching my garden grow and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita

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