Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Days of September

september"September days are here, with summer's best weather and autumn's best cheer."
  Helen Hunt Jackson, from the  poem "September"

Stokes Aster
September means seven, in the Roman calender September was the seventh month of ten.  September is a month of cooler weather, prettier roses than summer, the garden seems to come alive.  A new breathe and energy before death or going dormant.    

All American Beauty
 And the month my son's lovely, sweet and very smart daughter was born.  On September 20, 1986 Lauren Murphy McCarty gave the world another reason to smile.
Lauren and Mother
When Laure was eight years old, Frank my son, brought the three children to my house for a week.  We made cookies we could eat, cookies of salt and flour to bake and paint,we had a good time.  Lauren wanted to learn to sew.  The first thing I had her do was to learn to control the machine.  If you can not sew a straight line, you will never learn to sew.  The best way to do this is to sew on a strip scrap.

Lauren and Larry

If your daughter or granddaughter wants to learn to sew, show her how.  Most sewing machine can not be harmed by them.  Lauren would get a little impatient and want to skip this part, but I would not let her.  When she could sew a straight line we cut out a paper pattern and she made an apron.  She did an excellent  job on that first apron.  Carolyn, her mother, said  Lauren wore it around the house a lot ,and showed it to every one.  I don't think Lauren followed up on the sewing she got too busy.  When Lauren was in high school she met the love of her life, Larry McCarty.

Fabric  Lauren practiced on

Lauren and Larry finished their studies at Northeast University of Louisiana in Monroe before they married and moved to Jackson Mississippi.  In Jackson they went to Law School at Mississippi College School of Law.  It is hard to believe the little girl that help bake and paint cookies and I helped her to sew up and apron is all grown up and a Lawyer and is now practising Law in Jackson.

American Beauty
 September rain has cleaned the  flowers and the air and has cooled the summers heat.  The roses have taken on a new beauty that the hot days of summer had drained away.  Roses of September are blooms to remember. 
September is the time to set up for next year's garden. We have started our path for the "Garden Room" we have  planned.  We  started to pour the concrete for the path and the place for the bench.  Don't forget October is the time to plant perenials for the next year, gather seeds to share with friends.  I am sending some out to friends on face book.  So September is the time to plan your garden and go out to you local nurseries and get on line to see what is best for you area.  Be sure that what you buy will be right for the heat as well as cold and the water supply.  Plan to include in your budget some way to water your beds.  We have found that soaker hoses meet our needs.  Hope you have enjoyed this blog page and that you will continue to follow and watch my garden grow and will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita


  1. The "stones" in front of the gate look great. Lauren is a daughter her parents can be proud of. She is so sweet too.
    Since I'm one of your FB friends, I'll be looking for my seeds in the mail.

  2. Should I contact my mail carrier to let him know to watch out for my seeds? What kind are you sending? Can't wait!!!