Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jeremy Evans Happy Birthday

Jeremy is the fourth child of my daughter Lenora.  He has always been a quite young man.  He played football all during high school, I did go watch one game.  I do not care for football, it is too rough for me.  But I wanted to watch him on the field one time.  Like all the other Evans and Murphy men Jeremy likes to fish and hunt.  Looks like he can get stuck and whomever came to get him out got stuck also.  When I see Jeremy I will have to ask him about this.  This happened to your Grandpa Frank quite often.

Looks like he needs to rest before he takes a girl out.  She seems to be having a good time. Wake up Jeremy and smell the roses.  Or maybe you need to slow down so you can stay awake on you date,and smell the roses.
I was looking for pictures of Jeremy for this page and I found this one.  It  has been a while since I have seen Jeremy and when I found this, I called Carrel and told him to come see one of Lenora's good looking kids. Of course being a man he says a good looking girl too.  I just hope she is still his girl friend  tonight.  When I wrote David's birthday page he told me he had broken up with her that day.  Open mouth insert foot.

I always try and tell some personal story about each person I write a blog page about.  Well, I was at Lenora's  and it fell to me to drive Jeremy to school one morning. I think he was in the tenth grade.  He got in the car and I looked at his pants, there was a big torn place in them, at the knee.  I said Jeremy Grandma would have patched you pants for you.  He smiled his cute shy smile and said he bought them like that.  I thought Lenora was having a hard time and he had to go to Goodwill for his jeans.  But no he paid  seventy dollars for that pair of pants.  If I had had false teeth at that time I know I would have dropped them.  Well you know I wonder how he would turn out anyone who would buy holy jeans.  But it was the same old story my kids told me "Everybodyelse" is wearing them.  I should have known.  My kids always told me the same thing, I had to remind them what their names were.  Then I remembered several years before the jeans makers were giving five dollars for trading in your old jeans.  They sure know how to make a buck.   And you know we can't be different, we got to be like "Everybodyelse."  Sad, isn't it.  Jeremy knows how to sweep a floor.  Make some lucky girl a good man one day.  Happy Birthday Jeremy love you.  If you are wondering where I got all these pictures, I stole them from you Face book album.   Hope you have enjoyed this blog page and you will continue to watch my garden grow, and grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me .  Juanita                         


  1. I wonder if after reading this post if Jeremy will still speak to you Mom. I'm just kidding. Jeremy is also good to his mother. He worked really hard and got the fence up for her sheep.

  2. That guy in the first picture is in the movie Twilight. Look how his eyes glow.