Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lenora Evans The Woman

Lenora and Max ( Lenora's first grandchild)

Lenora is a woman to be greatly admired.  I really did not appreciate Lenora's independents when she was home with her Dad and I.  The girl had a mind of her own, knew what she wanted.  I could buy fabric or shoes for Charlotte and Debbie, not Lenora.  When she was old enough to drive I sent her, to buy her own.   Now that independents is good and it has helped her to make the choices she has had to make.  Lenora married Steve Evans the summer she graduated from high school.  Gave birth to her first child Samantha in March of 1979.   Lenora always loved children.  She was like a little Mother to all the little ones at home. 

Samantha and Jen
Lenora went to college in Monroe and became a Medical Technician and worked for a time at St Francis hospital.  Gave birth to two girls and 3 boys.   Lenora, like me pushed her children to get a good education.  Samantha is a  Midwife in Austin Tex.  But college is not for all people.  Her boys are not that interested, they may be one day.  Lenora and Steve divorced  when David, her youngest was very young, and not yet in school. Mostly, Lenora raised her children by herself.  Oh daddy gave " When he could," but he mostly couldn't.  Lenora decided to go back to school and become a nurse.  But now she is working back in a Lab in Monroe,La.  Lenora is the kind to have lots of projects going at one time, so do I.  Lenora bought the house and 7 acres next door to where her Daddy and I raised our children.  We had lots of creatures around the place and all my children loved that.  Lenora has cats, dogs and chickens, and thinking about a goat.  She sells her eggs, gets lots of them.  When ever her children needed anything if Lenora could possibly get it she did.  Lenora I can not find the words to tell you how much I admire you.  You have done a great job with your children.  Enjoy that grandchild all you can.  I love you dearly.  Happy Birthday.  Hope you will continue to watch my garden grow, and grow one of your own.  Happy garden to you from me. Juanita.





Jeremy and Max

Happy Birthday

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  1. Oh Man, I love that chicken!!! Lenora is a great person & you did a great blog!