Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Tara

Today is Tara Nicole's Birthday.  It is hard to believe that Tara is now a Mother.  That little girl that called me on the phone and would say Come get me Grandma.  Of course Grandma would go get her.  She loved to spend the night with me.  I had to stop on the way home and buy her chocolate milk and I let her pick out the cookies she wanted.  Supper was whatever she wanted and we did whatever she wanted to do.  That is what Grandmothers do.  Mothers make them eat right, but Grandmothers do not have to worry about stuff like that.  When I moved from Ashdown,  Ar. to Dermont I really missed that little family.
They moved in with me a while in Dermont and I was really on top the world.  We would rent scary movies, Tara and I loved them.  I do not watch them by myself, but she was so much fun to be with.  I do miss those days.   Tara and her little family live so far away now,in Fl.  They were here at Christmas hope they come back again this year.  Tara knows I love to play Skipbo, I taught her  and her brothers how to play.  One day Tara called me and said I could download the game from The Game House, I did.  Thank you Tara.  Hope you have a great birthday today.   Hope you enjoy watching my garden grow and you will plant one of your own.  Happy garden to you from me Juanita.

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