Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 11, 1957 a Little Girl was Born

                     A Daughter is a daughter all her life a Son is a Son until he takes a wife
Deborah Lynn Murphy
On July 10,1957 I put corn in the freezer and canned string beans all day.  I was standing on a porch looking for Charlotte, my first child.  I saw she had the water on getting wet and muddy.  I leaned over holding on to a porch post.  The post came loose and I fell about 4 feet, landed, thank God, on my hands and knees.  That night after midnight Debbie made her entry into the world.  Charlotte, her older sister, was so happy to have a baby sister.  Charlotte watched after her baby sister.  She would lay down on the quilt by her and watch her sleep.  Debbie liked her bed at night.  No matter where we were we had to be home by 8:00, Debbie's bed time.  When I was in the hospital giving birth to Lenora, Ada my sister- in- law kept Debbie.  They got no sleep.  The next morning they went to our house and got her bed.  Debbie was not real happy over Lenora.  I had weaned Debbie and had her eating good.  I caught her stealing Lenora's bottle.  I did not try to wean Debbie again until I weaned Lenora.  Debbie never took care of the younger kids.  I was so surprised when she had her children, to see she was such a great Mother.  One Sunday Debbie came home from Church and told me "Mother I have met the man I am going to marry."  Really does he know it not yet but he will.  He sure found out.   They were married on Dec 26, 2 years later. 

Lenora, Debbie and Charlotte

                                                                   They had 4 very well behaved children.  Debbie has 3 boys and one girl.  After Debbie's children went to school  Debbie went back to collage and finish her degree in teaching. She taught many year  at St Mary's.  Ken , her husband is a Baptist  Preacher he took another Church and moved close to Lake  Providence.  She continued to teach.  They now live in a little community name Grace and she teaching in Clombia,La.  She has gotten teacher of the year for her district.  Debbie now has 12 grandren and they have Mammy and Pappy camp each summer for a week.  They have all the grand childern that are potty trained.  I think this year she has 10 of them and her church has Bible School this week.  Don't know what day I will get your gift to you Debbie but I will.  Carrel pick it out Happy birthday.  Hope you will continue to watch my garden grow and will grow one of your own.  Happy Gardening from me to you.  Juanita                                                                                                                                                                             

Debbie, Ken and Grandchilden

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