Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Tafta

Debbie and Tafta
Tafta was born July 22,1978.  Debbie my daughter and her husband Ken Evans had a boy and they were delighted to have a little girl.  I kept her when she was 3 weeks old while Debbie and Ken went up to the Church. I had to call Debbie because Tafta was hungry and would not take the bottle.  Debbie had her babies on the breast.  That was the only time I ever kept her that she cried, from then on she cried when Debbie took her home.  When Tafta was 5 months old Debbie and I met at Sears and had Tafta's pictures made, she would not go back to her mother from me.  The lady ask whose baby was Tafta and I told her mine but I let Debbie raise her.  I had to take Tafta home with me and Debbie had to come and get her.   Now Tafta's oldest little girl cries for her Grandmother, turn about is fair play. 

Tafta first dress I made her.
Debbie wanted Tafta to have a red velvet dress for Christmas and of course she wanted me to make it.  I made her first Easter dress also.  I have always loved  gingham check so I  bought pink, yellow and blue.  A little cap pattern  came in the Patten and I made that also.  I like eyelet embroidery  lace  with gingham check, so I trimmed the dress and hat with eyelet lace.  Debbie and Ken went to a Billy Graham conference  and I stayed with the 4 children.  I took my sewing machine with me and while I was there I made Tafta 5 new dresses.  I remember one was green with large white,red and yellow  rick rack.  I bought ribbon for her hair to match her dresses.  I was not a camera freak back then so I have no pictures.  I can see her in my minds eye in the green dress.  Tafta is all grown up now, she worked all through high school baby sitting, house sitting and working in a Dentist office.  Tafta got enough scholarships to pay most of her cost of school.  With a little help from her Mom and Dad she bought herself a car.  Tafta worked hard and became a teacher, teaching 4 year old.  Tafta met a wonderful young man named Matt Rogers married and they now have 2 beautiful daughters, Audry and Ava.  Yes Great grandmother has made Audry some dresses and now Ava can wear them.  Happy Birthday Tafta Lynn Evans Rogers.  Hope you will continue to watch my garden grow and you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from me Juanita.   

Tafta and Audrey

Matt, Tafta, Ava and Audrey Rogers
Happy Birthday Tafta

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  1. Tafta is truly a lovely and talented person. Thanks for honoring her with this post on her birthday.