Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First born Grandson Jonathan

Jonathan,Ken, Tafta, Ben Joe and Debbie
Jonathan was the oldest child of my daughter and her husband Ken.  The baby boy loved us.  Jonathan never had his feet on the floor for very long around our house.  A very sweet baby always had a smile.  I never turned down the chance to baby sit.  In fact we had planned to go to a movie one Friday night since we now had children old enough to stay by themselves, but Ken called wanting me to keep Jonathan and I said come on.  Frank asked why, I said babies grow to fast to miss a moment with them.  Ken always bought me some candy for Valentines ( they had a hard time right at first so I think he bought the day after to save money I thought that was smart).  When Jonathan was seven months old Debbie and Ken came over ( climbed in the window and just walked in the den)the day after Valentines.  The first thing I noticed was no baby boy.  I opened the front door and there he sat in the dark, just about to pucker up to cry with a box of candy just about as big as he was.  But when he saw his Grandmother he gave me a big wet eyed smile.  Of course  I got him and gave him a big hug.  I have never forgotten that night, hope I never will.  Jonathan was hard to train.  Debbie now had two in diapers.  I was keeping them one day and he wet his pants and I told him I would cut it off if he did not stop.  I did not crack a smile he looked at me so funny.  Jonathan did not wet his pants any more that day at my house.  That night he told his Daddy I can't wet my pants any more.  Ken thought that was great until Johnathan told him " Grandma said she would cut it off if I wet my pants."  Ken called me and ask if I told his little boy that.  Sure did lets see how it works.  As far as I know it did.  Jonathan is grown now , he made his brags about getting a perfect wife.  She would stay home , keep the house spotless and have his supper on the table when he got home and cook his breakfast before he left.  He married a pretty red head Stacy Newman.  

Stacy and Jonathan
One day Stacy and Jonathan were visiting with my Son Frank, I am sure Stacy knew what Jonathan expected from his wife.  I know this was the goal she told Frank that day that she would be the best in the family.  Stacy girl you have arrived you are the best one.  Stacy and Jonathan have made a great couple.  They have a nice home and four beautiful children, two boys and two girls.  Jonathan is a fine young man, I think, a lot like his uncle Frank, my son.  He takes an active part in his town and in his church.  A fine Daddy, Husband, Son and Grandson.  Love you Jonathan and hope you have a great birthday. 

 Hope you have enjoyed this birthday blog page and will continue to watch my garden grow and grow one of your own.   Happy gardening to you from me.  Juanita

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