Sunday, April 9, 2017

March Blooms

March was a beautiful month this year.  I do not remember a March being this nice before.  We received most of the plants I order and we planted.  I never planted  in March.  Most years if we have snow, we have it in March.  We have wind a lot of rain and storms not this year.  I am not going to do much writing just mostly pictures.

I will tell you if I have not before,  we fixed a "room" with flowers beds as walls.  I planted  Azaleas and Camellias in all three beds.  We have a table and chairs there,  I have drank my morning coffee there.
There are two red tips I have at my fence in my back yard.  The birds love them and at night they roost in them.  If you like shrubs these are wonderful.  They have three season.  This red stage is first they bloom a white flower in April and then in winter have pretty red berries.

The pots that lived through winter.

 We also had company in March The Sheffield family from Texas.  Carrels son and Grandchildren I claim them also.  Mama stayed home and took care of the pets Dogs that are too big to travel now.

A pot I missed.

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures, I thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom.  I hope you will grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I ,  Juanita. 


  1. All those blooms. You really did have a good March.

  2. Thank you and yes I did the weather was perfect. We plant a lot of plants still have a few to go.