Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Surprise

I received a big envelope in the mail from Charlotte, my daughter in Shreveport.  I knew she was sending me one bright yellow Iris.  I was surprise to see four.  I placed them in a pan of water over night, the roots were quite dry.  Charlotte loves E-Bay I think all my Irises came from E-Bay except about three because Charlotte bought them.   I went out to plant them Tuesday morning and I could hardly dig the holes the ground was so hard and dry.  Carrel watered Friday however he tunes the water on high and the water runs off.  I have been telling him you water slowly with soaker hoses.  That is what they do is soak not run.  So he water slowly.  I went back out and planted my Iris.   With soaker hoses you turn the faucet  only one quarter of a turn.  He complains it takes too long.   Not only do you not water deep and waste water but you put too much pressure on your hoses and they spring a leak and do not water the full length of the hose.  I could not find not one worm in that bed.  The mail man has run over the plastic border on this bed and broke it down.  The water running too high has taken all the top soil out of this bed.  When it cools down this is one of our fall jobs to put this border back.  This is the third time we have had to mend this border.  We may get some bad weather tonight from the south. Hope we get some rain.  Hope you enjoyed this new page that I have added to my blog.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom and hope you grow one of your own  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I.  Juanita     
                         Looks like we may get some fruit from from my Passion Plant this fall.
                                               Crepe Myrtle still blooming, second blooming.

                                          The wind was blooming to hard to take any more pictures today.



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