Saturday, August 20, 2011

Becoming a Grandmother

Becoming a Grandmother for the first time is one of God biggest blessing.  This is to wish Bridget Amara Kennedy- Edwards a wonderful Birthday.
                                                                       Bridget                                                                                            Bridget I was a young Mother.  Charlotte my first was born January 7,1955 I turned 18 the previous year.  Bridget was born Aug 20 after I turn thirty nine the previous June.  I still had five children at home. I was very excited to become a Grandmother.  Bridget was in our home quite a bit.  Frank, Liz, and Sandy thought they had another doll to play with.  We took her shopping one night boy, that was something.  When I took my children out to stores they sat down or walked with me.  We got a buggy for Bridget, she wanted nothing to do with that.  She decided she was to push it, so Sandy was to walk beside her.  I was trying to buy school shoes.  I do not know how many people she ran into.  I must admit she was cute.  If she had been mine, she would have gotten a spanking and sat in the buggy.  One day we went to visit the family, Bridget was older. She had just started to write her name.  Charlotte had a new yellow car and we walked around looking at it.  Scratched into the side of that bright yellow car was the name  "Bridget."   We told my youngest "Do not tell."   We wasted our breath, that Sandy hit the door telling.  Bridget says to this day she did not do that.  I believe her.  That is all the mischief that I know of she ever got into.  She is quite the Lady today, working Mother, and Wife.   She has three wonderful children ,Chase, Ace(Connor) , and Rose (Kennedy Amara Rose) poor baby I am calling her Rose.  Bridget was a war wife.  When Chase was three and a half 
 the national guard was called to duty.  Bridget was alone for 1year.  Trinity went to Iraq, we thank those men. he was in active duty about eighteen       months. She had her war wife friends  and her Mother was down the  street.  Five years later she found out she      would have another baby.  Bridget gets to decide what day her babies are born.   She ask me if it would be alright if he was born on my birthday, yes.   Ace was born 06/06/06.  We will watch him.   He was a very pretty little boy baby.  I stayed with Bridget when he was born.  Cooked  them and  slept in Ace's  room.  He was a good baby. Trinity was called into the service and went back to Iraq  in 2009.  Little Rose made her appearance.  They let Daddy come home for the birth.  She just turned  one.  She is a doll.    

Bridget and Chase

 I kept Chase when he was just a baby un til he was two years old. There was a bird building a nest on the balcony.  Chase could not keep his eyes off of it I taught him to say bird, and a lot of other words like yellow flower.
Didn't I tell you she is a doll.  Now Ace is full of mischief you can see it in his eyes.
Can't you just see the mischief in that boy's eye and that sweet little smile.  When he was less than two ,he handling  an arrangement on a table at his grandmother's house.  I told him no took his hands off.  He looked me right in the eyes and kept right on doing what he wanted.  Yes we will have to watch him.  I Hope you enjoyed my blog and will continue to watch my garden grow, and grow one of your own.  Happy gardening to you  from me. Juanita             

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  1. Wow. She is your most beautiful granddaughter.