Friday, May 27, 2011

Lilies,Lilies and more Lilies

Day lilies that are now blooming


Now tell me don't they Shine
 I have a garden of my own, but so with roses overgrown, and lilies, that you will it guess to be a little wilderness.  Andrew Marvell 

 I bought most of my lilies from Brecks on line.  Nothings like shopping in the comfort of  your sewing room at your own desk.  No clerks telling you what you need, I know what I need.  More Lilies.   There is not but one thing wrong with the average Lily. They bloom only for a time then they are gone. Oh how they shine while they are blooming.  But you know the old saying there is a time and season for everything.   Brecks prides themselves in selling the finest  and largest bulbs from Holland.  Every year they have a sale I can  not resist. Spend $50.00 and get $25.00 off.  Sounds like half price to me.  So I buy.  When I got my order, they had written me a notice.  These bulbs are not up to our usual standards, so we are sending 2 extra for each 4 bulbs.  Half again as many,  great,  keep sending.  Where will I put them is the question.  Any where I can find an inch of ground.  Well some of the new ones only had 1 bloom.  They will grow.  Some of them had as many as 14.  Great the more the merrier.  So far I have only written about my Asiatic lilies. I have Day lilies also. My Sunday Teacher, Edna Bower, has a day lily farm.  I bought some from her in 2007.  My first Day  lilies.   They are not rebloomers.   Brecks sends out catalogs with reblooming day lilies so I buy.  What else can you do.  After all buy $50.00 get $25.00 off.  Hey do the math, easy half price,  twice the lilies half the money.  Sounds good  to me.             

Lily I bought from Edna Bower
 I  bought some in 2008 divided them in 2010. Started out with one 2008 in 2010 I had 10 now about 14.  Below you will see the collage.  This one is a rebloomer and it is shorter than most. Just Right to plant in front of roses.  The one at the left is the one I bought from Edna Bower.  It is taller than the rebloomers.  I have it in front of my red  roses.

View of my yard

Shorter Aisatic lily bought at Wall Mart in 2007 now I have adout 12

I hope you have enjoyed my page on the Lilies in my over grown garden.  Happy gardening to you from me.  Pleased to have you watch my garden grow and grow.   Juanita


  1. Did you leave the one I bought you in Jonesboro? I left mine at Elmwood...

  2. Yes she did...Buy me one, I won't leave it. She said she had no place to put it, but you see in this blog that she bought new ones and that if Brecks keeps selling the bulbs $50 for $25 she will keep you do the math...

  3. Juanita, the Lilies are simply gorgeous....I love your blog & you must put in a lot of work on your flowers...