Monday, May 9, 2011

Hydrangea Where to plant?

"Flowers are not made by singing "O How Beautiful" 
and sitting in the shade"  Rudyard Kipling 

Bridget gave me this one

Hydrangea  has always been one of my favorites. In 2007, my oldest Grandchild Bridget gave me a pretty pink Mop Head, my favorite type.
 I decided I would need 2 so I bought a blue one.  I love the pink, blue and mixed.  Love them all. Never had a place I thought was shady enough.  I planted them in what I considered "shady."  You need to know where to plant them.  They really like shade.  They will tolerate morning sun  but remember between 11:00  am to 2:00 pm is the hottest time, it is straight over head.    I had to water them every other day.   They did not grow like they should have.  Bought 3 more in 2008, yes I planted them in the same place, all but one.  I bought a Blue Penny, planted it up close to the house South side.  Did not get enough sun there for roses.  I really thought this would be a good place. I was wrong. Did not have to water this one every other day but every day.  Just enough hot  Arkansas sun got on them. Wilted every day.  When flowers wilt they are in stress.  Stress every day will keep them from doing their best.
We are adding Aluminum Sulfate to change the color back blue.
In 2008 a friend was looking at my yard.  When we came to the Hydrangeas she said "I have finally gotten a place that I can plant mine Close to the house on the North side".  Sometimes my friend can be sorta funny. So smart mouth me said, "Well I planted mine on the North side of somebody's house."  I did not understand until  2009.  We built a bed across the backside of my house. That's the northside, complete shade.  We moved the one close to the house in front, South side, to the new bed.  It bloomed and grew so we had to trim the limbs from the front, never wilted.. The limbs grew so that first year they lay on the ground.  The year before it did not grow 3 inches.   In the mean time, my Blue one in the "shade" had almost died. If they go into shock too many times they will.  In 2010 we moved  the blue one.  Carrel said it was dead.  It had only one green  leaf.  Now it is about 2 ft tall  and has several blooms. My friend was right. North side of the house is the best place for Hydrangeas.  No sun is best.  Sun until 11:00 might be tolerated if you water often.   Hydra means water.  Sun draws water out through the leaves.  I have come to understand you plant Hydrangeas on the northside, against the house.  Complete shade is best. I have one more, but don't have space enough in this bed.  We are building a new bed between 2 trees. I hope there will be enough shade. Hope you will watch my garden grow.  Happy gardening  to you from me.  Juanita


  1. This is perfect timing. My mom is bringing me a hydrangea when she comes this weekend. On the north side of my house it will go! Thanks Juanita!

  2. You are writing wonderful blogs. Gardening is helping God spread smiles on the earth. We all love your flowers.

  3. Keep writing those informative blogs. Good information.

  4. Ashley I am glad that you read my blog.Even people selling Hydrangeas will tell you they can take some sun.Mine almost died before I moved them. Have your soil tested for your PH if she gets you a Blue one. If your PH is high it will turn it pink. Aluminum Sulfate will keep it blue Carrel puts it on mine every two weeks. Water everyday for about a week to get it started.Good luck Happy Gardening.