Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Collection Nunber Two

Rainbow Butterfly Bush

This is my second area to redo.  Carrel dug up my orange roses, Vavooms  This is an eight foot square bed.  There were 5 roses in it along with Iris.  Four Vavooms and one Harvest Fest.  It was really sad to see my pretty roses dug up.  I hope I have chosen well for my new garden.  I had it just about  what I wanted then Carrels roses started dying first then mine.  In 2014 we lost 4 then 2015 some more this year the rest.  We have two old fashion roses still living that Frank and Charlotte dug up from their Grandmother Murphy's old home place.   The white pot under the tree with a lavender Petunia  growing in it ,came up from seed from several years ago.  The Rainbow Butterfly Bush will bloom from May to Fall.

The Bea Balm or Monarda is great for butterflies.  I bought three, I hope they send me one of each color and mark them.   In the spring I will order two more of each color.  I read in one of my many magazines I buy,  that you are suppose to plant three of each flower too make a good show.

Butterfly Blue Scabiosa  will bloom from May until fall.  This flower is know also by its common name, Pin  Cushion.  I will measure and make sure to plant the Butterfly Bush in the exact center allowing. for  growth width then plant the other four flowers in a square. I am not sure what else I will plant in this bed 
I do want something blooming at all times. By next fall I will know what else I will need.

  I hope you have enjoyed this new page in my blog.  Thank you for watching my garden grow and bloom, and you are growing one of your own.  Happy gardening from Carrel and I.  I will let you know number collection number three soon.



  1. Hi Juanita! Always so glad to find a gardening blog! Thanks for your sweet visit. We gardeners try and try again when we loose plants. Will be going to read your popular posts. Thanks for stopping in!

    1. Thank you I love garden blogs yours is beautiful.


  2. It is hard to find just the right plants I ha my garden almost complete. Next spring will tell what more I need to buy and plant.

  3. Great reliable plants! Can't wait to see you put it all together.

  4. Pulled a muscle in my back however I have them all planted except 12 bulbs. Nice to hear from you. I love what you are doing in yard. The only thing wrong is I have to wait until spring.

  5. I have the red monarda and it is wonderful. You will feel good about reworking beds to have a great change in flowers. I have never seen the rainbow butterfly bush before now.