Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back Once More

 I have not written a post for one year, sorry about that.  When I tried to get on my blog it was up for sale, after a while they let me write another page.  This has not been the best year of my life, but not the worst.   We had lots of rain this past winter, ice and some snow. Limbs fell from trees, and of course everything looked dead.  But then  SPRINwill follow winter.  It really makes us cheer up just to think about it. 

 This is fall and all the leaves.

 I think the Carinal is so pretty in a tree with snow.


 This is my "Evergreen Room.   I thought I had this picture already but I could not find it.  I am standing in front of "Azelia " an 8'  by 4 'wall' I    On my right are "Azellia and Sasanca".  I have 3 "Sasanas" now 2 red and 1 pink.


 We do have some pretty blooms in the late fall and all winter with the red and white  and Pink Camellia and now 3 Sasancs two red and one white.

  I hope you  had a good winter and you have enjoyed this blog page.  I thank you for watching our garden grow and bloom and hope  you will grow one of your own.  Have fun, Carrel and Juanita.




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