Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Special Rose

Yes, my roses in my yard have all bloomed, however this is the sweetest Rose of all.  Bridget, my first  Grandchild named her Kennedy, her maiden name, daddy Trinity named her Amara I wanted her to be named Rose. So the little one has a big name.  Kennedy Amara Rose Edwards.  When she came, she informed me what her name was.  I said Okay I will call you Rose. Everyone  calls her Kennedy except me, I call her Rose.
  The flower Rose is holding is my Clematis.  When I planted it, it was very small with one big bloom.  I planted this Clematis on one side of the arbor and a climbing red rose on the other side.  After a few years of no blooms on the rose except on the top, I have decided to cut the rose back to a bush rose and let the vine take over.  Almost there.

This stone was for my garden when I move out on my own in 2002.  I moved it with me in 2006 to my new home.  Carrel wanted something larger than a stepping stone for the entrance of our path.  I wanted Bridget to be able to take the stone with her like the others.  So he bought two foil baking pans cut them in half  put them together and poured the cement around them.  When I go to meet my Lord Bridget can take this stone  with her like the others.

Bridget choose to let Conner, her second son to share my birthday.  It was quite an honer just so happened I move into my own home the same year.  I was 70 when he was born. I will be 78 he will be 8 this year.  Hope to spend this birthday with with him.

This is the stone Trinity, Bridget's husband made me in 2011 when Rose was born.  He placed her little hand in it and drew it holding  a rose. With this he gave permission to call her Rose.

.Standing on Chase's stone this is what you see. His stone leads you to the first part of my garden.

Standing on Rose's stone looking to the left and just keep to looking to you right and you will see her stone leads to the roses.

As you can see I have a lot of color in my garden.  When the day lilies bloom it will really be even more colorful.  After the hard winter I love the green.

If you need a rest come and sit on my bench.

The Clematis has past the half way point.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this page of my blog.  Thank for watching my flowers grow and bloom. Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.


  1. Rose is a perfect name for that little cutie.

    1. Thank you she loves flowers and goats. Her grandmother is my daughter Charlotte and she has goats and chickens.

  2. Love it. You knew if you put Kennedy Rose in it I would read it.

  3. Thank you. you read what my blogger friend wrote Rose was a perfect name for that pretty girl. Really enjoyed you and rose visiting us. I missed her when you left. I shared it on Bridget's face book page.