Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carrel's Day

Made him smile
The rain has started back, we have had rain every except yesterday July 16, since July 5.  I was so glad to see the sun but it sure turned hot.  I told carrel we would have to start watering in three days if the temperature kept going up.  The sun shined today until 12.10,  This may be just a little shower.  This blog page is not about the weather I got side tracked.  This is about Carrel's favorite breakfast.  My hands have gotten so bad until I can not always make biscuits.  The last time I made them was July 4, Carrel birthday.  We got up late Sunday July8, I knew he wanted something, he had a big grin on his face.  He asked if I felt like making biscuits and gravy, so I made his day.  I make biscuits the way my Mother and my Grandmother did with my hands. No cutter to cut the shortening, Crisco like Mama, Grandmother used lard.  I made milk gravy like a lady I use to baby sit for.  I can remember Mother and Grandmother made red I gravy with ham. You can not find ham like they had back then.  Grandmother got up early cooked biscuits, ham, red eye gravy, oatmeal, eggs, every day. Grandpa lived until he was ninety six, and smoked lucky strikes unfiltered every day.  I cook sausage and eggs.
I did not have a whisk  in my kitchen until I married Carrel, I always used a fork to beat my eggs.  Whisks are lots better.  It takes about thirty minutes to cook this meal to make him smile.  Well worth it.  My Grandson Paxton always liked my biscuits, said I could beat MacDonald or Kentucky Fried Chicken.   I do not think any of my girls make biscuits like I do, Debbie at one time used Bisquick  she made some good biscuits with it.  I use Martha White quick rise.  They are not beautiful but they are good.  When my hands would bend at all joints, they looked better.  I do not roll them I just shape with my hands.

Now you see why he is smiling.  I am not going to start a cooking blog.  I like my gardening one.
This is my plate.  After breakfast Carrel washed dishes.

 There were three biscuits left.  Carrel will split them and toast them and eat with jelly after he eats his oatmeal.

When all was clean we went to the garden.  Carrel dead headed the flowers I took  pictures, after the rain.

 Then he went to his favorite chair and hobby and I went to mine.

Hope you have enjoyed a look at Carrel and I.  Thank you for watching my flowers grow and bloom and I really do hope you grow one of your own to help to beautify you street.  Happy gardening to you from Carrel and I, Juanita.

Did you think I would not show you the pictures I took, never happen.   I love the rain drops on the flowers, the roses seem to smile.  You have a Blessed week.


  1. You know I love your biscuits and gravy too. I so need to dead head my roses. All that rain made them bloom. Not the heat is back and I had to water today.

  2. I know you and your whole family love biscuits. The goats are darling. Hope to see you soon.

  3. You make me so hungry for biscuits and gravy! My mom made red-eye gravy, too, but I could only manage white (milk) gravy.

    I think only special folks can make biscuits from scratch and I am NOT one of them. I used to used canned ones but they don't sell them here in NZ :(.

    I do, however, make a good loaf of yeast bread, so the family is impressed with it!

    1. The first biscuits I made the dog would not eat and the kids father love to tease and say the dog left home for a week. Thanks Betty for reading my blog.

  4. Loved reading your blog and enjoyed hearing about your special breakfast treat/meal for your hubby! :) must be true love!
    Also like hearing about how you and hub differ on how to prune, etc! Just be thankful he will do it at all! (Mine won't!) Your flowers are gorgeous and look well taken care of! Blessings, Sheri
    ps...the little cockcombs have done great all summer, tough little buggers and like the heat! none are going to make big combs, just feathers which I like too :) thanks again!

    1. Thank you Sheri I am very thankful for my husband we both love flowers. But he can be hard headed at times.